A Qualified Test Prep Instructor Will Help You Achieve A Higher GMAT Score

If you are thinking about applying to business school, or are already working on your application, you’ve probably already done enough research to know that an MBA can unlock high-paying careers in finance, real estate, and the health sector, just to name a few. What you might not have gleaned so easily is the little-known fact that the Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT (the first step on the way to gaining admission) is a standardized test, and with the right amount of training, can be mastered. Working with a qualified test prep instructor can help you score higher than you could alone because the GMAT is designed using a specific pattern that can be cracked.

There are a number of theories about how to master the GMAT, but experts at leading institutions like Quantum Test Prep will tell you that once you understand the structure of the test, and the specific design rationale that went into certain the questions, the higher you will score.

The GMAT is a 3.5-hour exam with a total of 4 sections: an Analytical Writing Assessment, an Integrated Reasoning section, and Quantitative and Verbal sections. Quantum instructors believe that the GMAT, like the GRE or LSAT, is a standardized exam, and, therefore, that true mastery of the concepts covered on the GMAT requires a standardized approach.
Studying for the exam in isolation can help you review concepts on a cursory level, but working with a qualified instructor who’s taken the exam and scored in the top 2-3 percentile can give you a fresh perspective on the exam, and help you unlock the deep pattern of the questions. Quantum Test Prep works with some of the top business schools in Canada to provide information seminars and webinars that help you understand the GMAT in context, including Math and Verbal refresher workshops, and to help you learn about GMAT prep courses that can address your specific needs.

Quantum offers an industry-leading GMAT preparation course in Montreal that offers 100 hours of instructor interaction over four weekends. The course package is recommended for students who have a minimum GMAT score goal of at least 600, and/or want to see their GMAT score improve by at least 100-150 points. Most GMAT preparation courses only offer 20-30 hours of instruction — which is disappointing in comparison.

With more teaching time, you don’t just get an overview of the exam, you get to really know and become familiar with the material you need to know to succeed — and all of this can happen on the weekend – no weeknight sacrifice required.

More careers than ever are requiring a graduate degree in addition to an undergraduate education. MBA programs can give you the competitive edge you need to go higher, faster. Doing well on the GMAT is a good indicator of how you’ll do in business school and with potential employers. Because of this, many students understandably feel a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed on the exam — but so few understand the value of training with professional instructors who did well on the test themselves. Most test prep services offer GMAT preparation in isolation, but the best test prep services connect you with the networking resources you need to be top-of-mind in admissions decisions.