Paris School with American Curriculum and International Community

American higher education is still considered among the most competitive in the world. US colleges and universities are still dominating world’s ranking and with alumnus all over the world. I believe you too want your children can enroll in one of US leading universities. Of course, the admission is very competitive and it must be prepared long before your kid graduates from high school.

It would be much better to let your children become familiar with American education system to help them more competitive when applying to US colleges. Even when your family is living in Paris, there’s still the best opportunity to get the best quality of American education. Your children can find it here at American School of Paris, an international school of Paris with American curriculum. This school was founded in 1946 and since then it becomes remarkable school offering international community with peaceful and supportive learning environment. For more than 70 years, it becomes one of the most successful college preparatory schools with 100% IB passing rate and more than 98% students accepted to one of top 3 college choices.

American School of Paris is committed to help each and every student reaches personal and academic excellences. Its curriculum consists of traditional knowledge and skills while also building leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, and communicating. This school also offers both International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement course works. The students will be guided and supervised by team of professional teachers who are passionate educators and 70% of them holding advanced degrees. More than just classroom education, this school also offers extracurricular activities including arts and athletics to meet their interests and passions as well as part of character building. All activities are supported with green eco-friendly campus with advanced facilities. Contact the school and discuss with the admission staff for the prospect of your children enrolling at American School of Paris.