PASMA and IPAF Real World Applications

The Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) of 2005 were introduced to tackle the high number of deaths caused by working at height. In the UK workforce alone, working at height was the biggest cause of death. These deaths also accounted for nearly half of the total deaths in the construction sector. These regulations were put in place primarily to reduce risk to workers, and training such as PASMA and IPAF are available through approved providers such as The Safety Maintenance Company. To find out more about minimising work at height risk, contact The Safety Maintenance Company to discuss training options.

With this daunting statistic in mind, training has now become vital for any individual whose duties involve the assembly, erection, dismantling or inspection of mobile access tower equipment.

The IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) training programme for mobile platform operators was developed by construction industry professionals. Successful trainees receive a PAL Card (Powered Access Licence), a safety guide, a log book and a certificate. The Safety Maintenance Company is approved in training mobile platform operators to IPAF standards. Courses usually last one-to-two days and combine a mixture of theory and practise. A written and a practical test is also included to ensure maximum retention of knowledge.

IPAF training will allow operators to understand the Health and Safety Regulations that surround working at height as well as the risks involved. Operators will also be able to identify controls, safety devices and warning alarms, as well as deliver daily and routine inspections.

PASMA or Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Associated is the recognised authority for mobile access towers. The Safety Maintenance Company offers a wide range of PASMA courses from Towers for Users and Working at Height Essentials, to name but a few. These courses hold an enviable reputation amongst the construction industry, as well as management and health and safety practitioners.

PASMA training allows the learner to understand the fundamentals of mobile tower assembly, erection, inspection and dismantling. PASMA training also offers learners accident awareness and prevention modules which will further minimise risk and allow workers to undertake duties with confidence. PASMA training will further allow operatives to create safe systems of work as well as understand their duties.

Both PASMA and IPAF training courses offer more than practical skills and knowledge of work at height regulations and legislation. They provide workers, project managers and health and safety practitioners with peace of mind that every precaution will be taken to reduce risk. This allows for a more constructive and productive workforce atmosphere.

The Safety Maintenance Company are approved in delivering both PASMA and IPAF training courses. Construction workers with mobile access safety training such as PASMA or IPAF is aware of the risks of working at height. This ensures that these risks are tackled head on. Further, through thorough understanding and training, the risks to personal safety and that of co-workers is greatly reduced. Consult The Safety Maintenance Company to ensure that operatives are trained to a high degree of competence.