Three Benefits Teamwork has on Troubled Teens

Team building is important in all facets of life and many troubled teens struggle working with others. Teams help teens learn that they are more than the sum of themselves, and that they can accomplish greater things when cooperation plays a central role. According to Woodcreek Academy, team sports alone can alter the course for some teens set on a bad path.

There are many programs to tackle this and improve the life of teens, Christian wilderness therapy, for example, removes teens from a potentially toxic environment and allows them to get closer to nature, others, and God at the same time. They learn to draw closer to God while team building and are taught skills they can return to any environment with. Prayer is used in conjunction with singing beside campfires, games, and counseling.

There are other troubled teenagers programs that may be seen as similar to boot camps but the programs try to curb behavior in different ways. Most work on rebalancing and teaching life skills so that the teens have alternative ways to deal with everyday issues. There are programs that provide faith-based therapy and many programs are created to focus on the needs of troubled girls or troubled boys some programs even focus on teen parents to attack yet another issue in the lives of troubled teens. Games such as capture the flag bring fun to camp but also teaches teens to work together for a common goal.

Boarding schools for troubled boys isn’t entirely a new option to handle problems with teens but the improvement in affordability to all income levels has allowed more children to have access to boarding schools. Some boys do better in controlled environments when learning. There are schools that focus on military based skills training and others use other means to organize the boys and maintain the structure. Programs for teams are out there to provide options for teens going through struggles and are there to provide the tools to move into adulthood successfully.