5 Reasons Why Microsoft Azure Certification Is Important

In the recent past, technology has reached great heights. The total concept of computing has shifted to the next level and this level is called cloud computing. Using this technology, data is shared with computers and other devices on demand.

Microsoft Azure is a premiere cloud platform that was launched in the year 2010 and it is one of the top revenue generators for Microsoft. Azure is gaining more importance day by day because there is a great demand for cloud infrastructure among the IT professionals. There is an increasing demand for Azure Architect Jobs all over the globe.

Here are five reasons why Microsoft Azure certification is important.

  • Closely Integrated with Other Microsoft Tools:

Organisations that deal with Microsoft tools like SharePoint, Office 365, Outlook or even planning to invest in cloud technology that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft products should go for Microsoft Azure certification.

You can use the same virtual machine, which you use for Windows and Linux, in Azure. Microsoft Azure certification will give you enough knowledge to simplify operations.

  • Many Companies Are Adopting the Microsoft Azure Platform:

Most of the companies used to work on Microsoft technologies during the pre-cloud era and for them it is difficult to change into cloud-based Microsoft technologies. So, IT professionals with Microsoft Azure certification have the knowledge of MCSE: Cloud and Infrastructure course and for them it will be a great job opportunity.

  • Extended IT Infrastructure:

A person with Microsoft Azure certification can easily manage between cloud and datacentre. It provides a secured hybrid database, data residency with data storage solution at a lower cost.Thus, more and more companies are switching to Azure. To keep the data secure and safe, Microsoft Azure certified professionals are greatly in demand and so the certification will be a great add-on to your resume.

  • Microsoft Azure Has Tremendous Potential:

There is no doubt that cloud infrastructure will dominate the IT world in future. As per the latest survey, Microsoft Azure is growing faster than any other cloud service provider. So, if you get this certification you may have a great future in the IT space.

  • Technology of the Future:

The rapid growth of cloud technology like Azure is at its peak. 90% of the companies depend on public cloud, while 15% depend on virtual machines in the public cloud. So, it is clear that learning and completing Microsoft Azure certification in cloud technology has a bright career growth.

Take a step forward and do the certification in Azure in order to manage and support cloud-based applications and at the same time enhance your career growth.