Eight Brand new Features within Windows 8 Telephone

Windows Telephone 8 is a lot talked about within the technology information. Technology fanatics are always on the consider the latest and thus talking concerning the features associated with Windows 8 is actually something to anticipate. When it involves Windows 8 allowed phone it is important to discover is that it’s powered through many brand new features. The functions provided with this phone are much better than that associated with its forerunner as this technique is dependant on NT; additionally, it has a brand new Kernel. Let us learn more about it and also the eight new options that come with this brand new phone.

• New venture screen

• Information usage notifications

• Information & Films Updates

• Roadmaps available traditional

• Me personally Tile Performance

• Nearby Deals through Bing

• E-Wallet

• Greeting card Data Changing feature

Now let’s explore each one of the above provided eight features 1 by 1 that can make this telephone fascinating

New venture screen

The new venture screen because provided within the new edition of Home windows is something that accompany an additional advantage to some user. The display is facilitated having a feature associated with resizing associated with icons or even tiles. By doing this a person can add as numerous tiles because desired. Now it will likely be relatively simpler to add much more tiles upon home screen as possible make method for new tiles through resizing all of them. This way you are able to quickly entry apps additional on launch screen without setting it up cluttered or even without room constraint.

Information usage notify

Often the user needs to manually track the information usage whilst surfing on the internet. Checking information via FROM &T application is exhausting but with this particular new Home windows 8 user do not need to track information manually. The performance of information tracking is actually automatic with this particular new edition of Home windows. Additionally, the additional functionality associated with data notify also resizes as well as reduces the actual page size that’s downloaded about the phone. What this means is quicker obtain and much less data utilization.

News & Films Updates

Those who are interested within catching on latest news do not need to search for other available choices as the most recent news updates is going to be provided through Bing. If you’re keen upon knowing regarding latest film releases then you definitely need not really launch any 3rd party app because Bing is here now to supply you all the data you need. Latest information headlines as well as movie evaluations, releases each one is possible by way of Bing which comes pre-loaded along with Windows8.

Roadmaps available traditional

Map facility is usually available online towards the consumers however here this particular facility is actually provided traditional. You can make use of the Maps functionality and never have to go on the internet. This can help you save information usage as well as battery existence. Just navigate to the pre-loaded Maps and begin searching for that desired area.

Me Tile Performance

The brand new Windows Phone is probably to possess the functionality associated with Me tile. Nevertheless, this functionality can be obtained for customers but whether this functionality can be obtained for developers continues to be not obvious. It may be used for designing the display lock to get notifications as well as alerts upon unread communications.

Local Offers by Msn

Traveling inside a new town and searching for best deals with no guide is actually difficult otherwise impossible. Nevertheless, Bing solves this problem. You simply need to look up for that latest deals obtainable in your present location and also you get the facts of the actual deals.


One of the most convenient option distributed around a person is which of E-wallet. This feature is going to be available in order to users within the latest edition of Windows8 telephone. This may facilitate the consumer in buying without transporting cash or even card. The greatest functionality of the e-wallet is that it’s supportive associated with local offers by Msn.

Card Information Swapping Function

The function of greeting card data swapping will come in Windows 8 allowed phone. This particular feature may enable within data changing between products. A person can user can certainly swap material of Facts and move photographs, files as well as music to the PC.

All of the above provided eight functions and benefits are put into Windows 8 telephone. These are simple to use. Technology geeks as well as average users will discover these functions fascinating as well. In summary, this phone pops up to person expectations when it comes to technology and easy usability.