Practical Strategies for Highlighting Your very best Body Function

No-one otherwise looks the same as you plus they never may. You might share an element with another person but it’s how a person consistently pull positive focus on your greatest body function that etches a person uniquely as well as deeply within the memory associated with others.

Whenever you dress in order to highlight your very best feature, other people can come your decision with the beaming smile on the face. They’ll use what – a person look- instead of – I love – within their descriptions associated with you. Additionally, you may hear words for example – usually, fabulous, excellent, amazing, wonderful, shine, twinkle and character. They tend to be noticing your own self-confidence as well as appreciation of your uniqueness.

For many women, your very best body feature is usually something about that person. If it’s not your encounter, then consider one of these simple – your own height, your own long neck of the guitar, your determine, your hands, your fingers, your thighs or you.

Whatever you select, here tend to be my practical strategies for women more than 40 that will help you accentuate which body feature so you blossom to the beautiful, stylish woman you’re.


We reside in a visible world; therefore people discover colour very first. This is a great starting stage. You can’t accentuate your very best feature through only putting on conservative, fundamental, one-colour mixture like just about all black, gray or beige clothes. They might downplay your own negatives but they don’t highlight your very best feature. While simple to choose, they’ll never provide people the main one point associated with reference which makes you unforgettable. Classics coupled with other colors are good, especially if you are using those additional colours in order to draw interest where you would like it.

Colour can be used to possibly compliment or even enhance. Complimenting is utilizing a lighter, much deeper, stronger or even brighter tone of the colour in order to consciously heighten a color. Enhancing is while using direct reverse colour in order to subconsciously amplify a color. If your own eyes, pores and skin or locks is dark brown, other tones of dark brown draw focus on that entire body part through intensifying the color. Blue may be the opposite associated with brown and also the subconscious instantly recognises this particular combination like a perfect comparison. Blue tones may vary from aqua azure to blue-purple, based on your tone of dark brown. Wearing these types of colours through light in order to dark, brings focus on it and provide you an optimistic lift. Look for these colors in designs and solitary items and put them on on or even near your very best feature,


Colour as well as style function in relationship. Google may be the most popular way associated with finding content articles and illustrations about the most complementing styles for the chosen greatest body component. You may also search publications or publications. For first-hand, private information, you can visit Workshops or even pay to obtain simple as well as targeted guidance from a picture Consultant.

Suppose your very best feature is the face. Style is actually highlighting that person by wearing your very best hairstyle in addition accessories which are in exactly the same shape as that person or which incorporate among the parts of the personality such as elegant or even feminine or even dramatic. For those who have a circular face as well as feminine is among your 3 dominant character traits, you’d play along with accessories as well as tops including rounded as well as floral designs and patterns inside your best free of charge and improving colours. Your hairstyle will be more womanly that pixie or even dramatic. You could also add womanly accessories for your hair.

Should you believe that another part of the body is the best function, use comparable style recommendations.


They are the icing about the cake as well as an un-iced dessert is very easily forgotten. Use add-ons strategically placed to create positive focus on your greatest body function. A up and down scarf, a brooch or perhaps a full or even half-belt inside a contrasting color draws focus on your waistline even if it’s not no more than it was previously. Accessories over your bust-line draw attention as much as your greatest facial function. An fascinating hem collection, tanned thighs, silky tights or fascinating shoes draw focus on your lengthy or shapely thighs.

Last Phrases

Every lady has 1 body function that other people recognise all of them by. Uncover it, learn how to love this and make use of these practical ideas to celebrate this. Play along with colour, style as well as carefully selected accessories and you’ll find a lot of simple methods to celebrate as well as love becoming you.