Transition to Nursery School: A Parent’s Guide to Success

Transitioning into a new environment has always been intimidating for children. Parents are often confused and have many doubts and worries especially when their younger ones are stepping out for the first time without them. Moving your children to a preschool begins the educative phase of a child.

According to Dr. Maria Montessori, most of the changes in children occur through active experiences that they have with their environment at home as well as at school. The age between three and six was termed as “sensitive periods” by Dr. Montessori when they are naturally primed to imbibe knowledge and skills in a wide range of areas. During these periods children can acquire language skills, strengthen their working memory, learn social interaction.. With the right support at home and school, you’ll be amazed by the learning outcomes you will witness in your child!

Here are some simple strategies to ease their transition into preschools:-

  • Be an Informed Parent

Read through the brochure or the school’s website and engage your children so they can know what the school looks like and what type of activities will be there. Educate your child and get them excited about the school through regular conversation.

  • Visit the School’s Campus

You can arrange a tour of the school before the term begins. While you’re scheduling a visit to the school, you can bring your child along so that they can also get a glimpse. This will certainly be very helpful in their transition to a school.

  • Encourage Independence At Home and create a Routine

You should promote more independence in your children’s day-to-day tasks  at home such as having a meal on their own, be potty trained. Create time table for their breakfast, lunch, naptime, play time  which goes along with school timing so that they don’t make fuss at the school.

  • Communicate with the Montessori teachers 

Communication between the teachers and parents is important for making your children adjust well to the Montessori learning program. Teachers need feedback regarding  children’s behaviour and reactions in certain situations. Similarly, parents also need to be aware of any kind of changes in the assignments, assessments, or projects. Regular meetings will let you know about your children’s overall performance in the program and help the teachers to adjust their teaching methodologies according to the learning needs of your children.

With the above-mentioned steps, you can help your children effortlessly welcome this change in their life. Ekya Early years offer an environment that empowers children with the capacity to shape their own lives. The curriculum is carefully customized for each age group. If you want your children to have a quality education, enroll them at Ekya Montessori Schools.

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Clare Louise