4 Basic but Important Ways to Prepare for The TOEFL Exam

Preparing for the TOEFL exam would not seem so difficult like Charlie Brown’s life if you know the right path. You can Learn TOEFL Online (belajar toefl online, which is the term in Indonesian) with so much fun just like reading a comic book.

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is designed to measure the skill of English. They need to prove their ability in reading, writing, and listening. The Purpose of the TOEFL test is to apply real English in real life, without those ornamental, heavyweight, and horrible idioms and phrases.

Prepare Guide for The Test?

When you Learn TOEFL Online you need to make strategies that will make your dream true. You must pass the test with a good score and for that, you must have courage and confidence like a professional. 

The following tips will help you to move towards achieving your goal.

Tip 1: Eat, Sleep, And Dream Of The Format

Forget about passing the test with good marks if you don’t get familiar with the format of the exam, as it is the most basic and important thing of all. 

There are two kinds of tests- 1. Internet-based test; 2. Paper-based test.

Reading, writing and listening tests differs in these two formats. So, you need to follow the official website for the exam.

Tip 2: Know The Purpose Of Your Appearance

Around 10000 institutes around the globe require clearance in the TOEFL exam. It serves more than one purpose like getting admission to popular universities, getting Jobs in other countries, or even getting immigration. You need to know for which purpose you are appearing in the test.

Tip 3: Decide Small Goals And Achieve Them

Make small goals and achieve them daily. At first, decide to get the minimum required marks then increase that number slowly but regularly. It will make a habit of achieving targets and clearing TOEFL.

Tip 4: Select The Top 3 Reading Places

Reading in one place can be pretty boring at times. So you can choose your favorite places for studying. Places like drawing room, balcony, or threshold can be a good option. Changing the place will make you feel fresh and also it will motivate you.


Nowadays, so many people Learn TOEFL Online and ultimately clear the exam. Everything is available on the internet so you can spend an hour or more every day to gather sufficient knowledge about this exam.

Paul Petersen

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