4 Ways School Districts Could Improve Campus Safety

Decades ago, schools focused on minimizing fights in the hallways and catching those selling drugs. Safety drills looked at how to exit in case of fire and protect oneself if a tornado came by. With the rise in school shootings and increased child trafficking, schools now must focus on even more severe issues. The following are four ways educational institutions can prepare teachers and students to remain safe during these difficult times.

  1. Fortify and Minimize Exits

Consider how many ways students can enter and exit the facility. Limit it to one or two areas. In these sections, implement strategies that permit only those allowed on campus. For instance, front doors should have locks, only opened for students and key personnel. Vistors should be buzzed in only after close scrutiny. Then, staff should ask for proper identification before allowing entry.

  1. Invest in Security Personnel

Have someone on campus trained to handle intruders such as school security guards Detroit MI. Security officers are trained in how to spot signs of trouble and how to manage dangerous situations. These valuable staff members are an extra set of eyes and ears to protect everyone on campus.

  1. Educate Teachers 

Instructors went to school to work with kids. Likely, they did not take a course of how to handle a shooting. Security personnel and law enforcement should create a safety protocol plan and deciminate the information to administration and staff. Along with fire drills, run through shootingdrills to prepare people on what to do.

  1. Install Cameras

Cameras could deter criminal activity, among adults and adolescents. That extra set of eyes gathers evidence and could prevent others from making poor choices. Install them in various locations around the school grounds, especially in hallways and around exits.

Don’t hope something doesn’t happen. Be ready to minimize the danger and protect students as best as possible. Evaluate your exits, hire the proper security guards, run drills and purchase cameras. These steps may just save someone’s life.

Paul Watson