Education And Parenting: A Narration Of My Experiences With A Bilingual Programme 

Most parents seek to aid the academic growth and success of their children. Whether they wish to become future doctors to save lives, artists to express themselves and represent a particular cause, or business leaders to innovate new products in the market, one way to achieve these things is through education. With this, some parents start as early as kindergarten or enrol in a bilingual school programme.

If you are a parent preparing for the first step of their academic journey or planning where to send your lovely child, no worries, I have been in the same place.

Trusting a reputable bilingual kindergarten is the best thing in my life. However, the journey was not smooth because I was unfamiliar with some things and made a few mistakes. In this article, let me share my experiences to help parents and other people out there:


Being a first-time parent is probably the most overwhelming and difficult thing in my life. I had no idea how to do these things, was unsure who and where to ask questions about parenthood, and sometimes failed to accomplish my goals. Thankfully, I have always had a positive outlook in life, so when it was time to look for a bilingual preschool, I did not hesitate to do what I knew would benefit my child. Aside from that, I never let emotions get ahead of me or become reckless with my decisions. (Tip: Do not feel intimidated or overwhelmed because you can do it, and there are always solutions to your problems!)


The learning part was the crucial stage of this journey. Why? I made mistakes. The first was when I did not listen to my friend about where to look for schools. Things are as easy as using a search engine or crowdsourcing through your social media accounts. Instead, I only asked people for recommendations, and they were usually parents with older kids, so their input might not apply to today’s time. The second was when I almost signed the agreement form without reading the bilingual programme, and I am glad my partner made me rethink my choices.


After doing rounds of weighing the pros and cons, talking to my partner, and asking my child what they want for their education (even if they are still young), the last step is preparing for the enrolment because the journey does not end after finalising with the bilingual kindergarten or signing papers. In fact, the journey begins here. During this stage, focus on your child to help them prepare for their academic journey. Cook them meals every morning, ask them how their experience was during the day, and other bonding activities to help them.

That was my experience starting from searching for a preschool near me and finally signing the papers and settling the tuition fees for the bilingual programme. If you are in the same place, I hope my story will help you, and visit Little Skool Academy, because I trust them and their academic services. 

David Curry