How To Create A Good Title For A Scientific Work?

Emerging Researchers (undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates) often face difficulties in writing their first academic texts. Every text starts with the title. A good title helps to define the main idea of the research and create its plan.

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But if you decide to write it by yourself, here are some tips for a good headline:

  1. The wording of the name should be clear, it should not contain unreadable and abstruse phrases with words and phrases known only to the author and a narrow circle of associates;
  2. The title should contain keywords representing your research. The bibliographic name and identification of the subject by the reader depend on this;
  3. Do not forget about specifics: avoid the filler words such as “some”, “certain”, “special”;
  4. Indicate the problem, avoiding direct object naming;
  5. Remember, brevity is the soul of wit.
  6. Do not forget about the literary flair in the title: avoid tautologies, and slang words.

If the topic seems too broad you can use a lifehack. Write about 10 items that you would like to discuss or explore in your scientific work on the blank sheet of paper. Some of them will immediately appear to you, as not particularly related to the main group. So they automatically become in the cold. The rest can be related to the overall subject of the work. Thus, the main thesis, which will become the basis of the title, can be found.

To summarize, you can make a perfect title by relying on general rules and finding the main thesis of scientific work or use the help of an experienced writer to get a really good research paper.

David Curry

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