Parents’ Guide to Prepare Kids for Preschool

For any child and their parents, starting of preschool is one step towards your child starting their life outside. Education is related to growth, helping them in becoming the responsible adults of the future. At the age of 3, your child is no longer a toddler. And, it is time they spread their wings outside the boundaries of their home. 

Kids start with preschool as the first step of education where they learn more at Kiddie Castle Children’s Center. As their parent, the home would be their first school but the environment would be different in a preschool. And, thus, preparing them for the next big step is vital. For preparing your child, follow these steps for a delightful preschool experience. 

Fascinate Them by Reading:

Read to your child as much as you can. Along with bedtime stories, maybe you could slowly help them transit and understand what preschool experience would be like. Read to them about books of various natures. If likely, visit your child’s preschool jointly. You could visit the classroom, the playground. Let them get comfortable so that the place does not seem strange when classes start.

Independent Skills:

You would not be with them at the preschool. Thus, from this age help them become independent. If your child is staying there all day, ask them to help you with lunch. How they could organize their backpack. This way you would be giving them control over some issues helping them understand what to expect on that day. Teach your child to put on their shoes, give them some time on their own. Teach her how to wash hands and flush toilets. These are some vital skills for preschool. The basics are important so that they could learn more at Kiddie Castle Children’s Center with other kids in a healthy environment. 

Develop Their Interacting Skills:

A crucial part when it comes to preparing your child for preschool would be oral skills. Engage them in discussions that would be eligible for them. Talk about letters, numbers, friends, nature. Engage your child to greet elders and friends politely with ‘Hello’. Also, ask them to communicate with you regarding any feelings or requests. Make them learn how to address the teachers and reach to them if any problem arises.


Play with them so that they can understand what to do next. Spend time with them on the floor and go for pretend play and role play. Offer your child the confidence they require.

These are helpful guidelines on how to help your child prepare for preschool so that there is no anxiety and fear before the big day. 

Paul Petersen

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