The Era Of E-Learning

In the midst of this global pandemic called COVID-19, schools, colleges and all other educational institutions are forced to shut down all classrooms and lectures. This emergency has led to the rise of digitization in the field of schooling and training. With India openly accepting e-learning as an upcoming alternative it wouldn’t be long before we see complete classrooms over the internet providing information and knowledge accessible to a wider section of society. No doubt that this sudden change in the scenario of the education system has forced a lot of schools to improvise temporary measures to combat this issue & move to a digital platform. This change is a reminder to all the schools, institutes, and everyone to transform the way of learning in the wake of this pandemic and re-mould themselves as a digital platform/entity.

Most of the schools have started integrating digital components in their programs for assignments, exams & live classes. An education app can provide schools, institutes, teachers, and students a mobile-friendly educational experience from the safety of their homes. Rapid progress in the field of ed-tech has brought great advancements in the learning format and the way it was traditionally perceived. We have come a long way from learning with a slate and chalk to online classrooms providing schooling to people to the farthest corners of the world with just a simple internet connection and now with most having access to a smartphone has led to ensuring no one misses out on education. There are a number of online learning tools and apps available on the internet with a vast database of information and cloud storages full of books and papers. Schools and parents are now spoilt for choice, with a number of ed-tech players entering the market to bank on this opportunity that has risen from the situation.

Fliplearn is one such online learning app, reshaping and redesigning the way children learn. Providing lessons and videos for kindergarten to 12th grade students across all state boards. It is making the learning accessible, engaging, personalized and effective. Students can learn anytime and anywhere at their own pace and style. To make the learning more engaging and fun Fliplearn has introduced gaming elements & puzzles, along with rewards and challenges to motivate them to complete their courses and modules faster and with higher grades while creating healthy competition with their peers. As a result, students can now not only study from home but also have a more interactive, complete & fun learning experience.

Learning must go on and it is a continuous process. With the current scenario it wouldn’t be wrong to say that, e-learning is the way to go from here for the foreseeable future. Apps like Fliplearn are helping shape this future and garner great minds while doing so.

Stay safe, stay healthy. Signing off!


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