What Makes UST-Legazpi The Best Business School In Bicol? Know About It Here Today

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or a successful businessman soon? Your dream is closer to reality when you choose the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi. As the first Dominican school in the Bicol region, it is ever committed to providing the best academic teachings in a Christian community for its students. More so, it aims to produce world-class professionals through its quality education with highly-esteemed faculty members.

UST-Legazpi is known as one of the best schools for business management Bicol up to this date. With its gold standards upheld, students are well-trained and immersed with the necessary information in their respective business fields. Currently, the university offers various bachelor degrees in the College of Business Management and Accountancy (CBMA), such as courses onTourism Management, Hospitality Management, Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, and Accountancy.

If you are highly interested in enrolling soon, now is the best time. UST-Legazpi assures every student that the formative years of education upon enrolling are all worthwhile. Many graduates have been successful in their respective professions. The university keeps tracks of its alumni to help career development.


Be a Thomasian now.

As a form of a guide, here are the various information or details that you have to know. These are the general reasons as to why the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi is indeed the best business school for you to enroll.

High-Quality Of Teaching

In terms of teaching, the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi seeks to provide a higher level of quality. As it offers course programs on business fields, the pool of professors and instructors are relatively chosen to be well-equipped with the necessary knowledge in understanding the basic to complex languages of the financial sector and management skills. All members of the faculty are great mentors of each student to achieve due development within the set or allotted period of completion of every degree.

High-End Learning Facilities

The university is known for its convenient and accessible learning facilities. It seeks to provide the best learning materials as well for all students at any educational level. As for the business courses, UST-Legazpi ensures thatevery tool used is high-end, including scholarly books of which are recently published by renowned authors to adapt the ever-dynamic process of studies continuously.

Inclusive Learning

Students are not only taught within the halls of the classroom but as well as beyond the borders of the university. UST-Legazpi aims to attain academic excellence for its students within which field trips and other immersions are conducted. It is to instill or engrave in-depth learning among students. In effect, many students undergo the UST Legazpi enrollment to enroll in various business courses. Insofar as the programs are concerned, the university has well-produced globally competitive students in the workforce.

Conducive Environment

Thomasians enjoy learning further with the conducive environment provided by the university in achieving a better form of learning. It helps students understand lessons also and establish great discourses with professors or instructors. To know more, visit https://www.ust-legazpi.edu.ph.


Final Word

Thisis helpful information about the business courses offered by UST-Legazpi. All of which are general reasons within which the university is one of the top business schools in the Bicol region. Nonetheless, it is with the students that academic excellence is achieved – the passion and eagerness to learn and succeed.

David Curry