How To Successfully Crack Psle Math Exam Questions? 

It’s no secret that most children fear or loathe maths. Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is a very crucial exam in Singapore, taken by all sixth-grade students at the end of their academic year. With the PSLE exam timetable on display, parents and students alike are beginning to worry particularly about Maths paper. 

Here are a few quick tips to help all the students face the psle math questions successfully and confidently.

Understand The Child’s Current Level

It is essential to know the student’s expertise level in various Maths topics. Heed the materials in which the child is vulnerable and in which the pupil has a sturdy grip. Focus on those weak spots more as they can cause stress during the examination. Prepare a timetable which includes all the topics, but dedicate a little more time to these weak spots. 

Focus On The Right Topics

Students don’t have the liberty of endless exam preparation time. So it is a smart decision to focus more on the materials that either have more marks assigned to them or are weak points. This approach is better than wasting time unnecessarily on topics with fewer marks weightage or the topics in which the child is comfortable. 

Note: We are not suggesting skipping all the topics with less weightage during revision or preparation.

Time Management

It’s a sad moment when a child knows the answers but unable to score due to a lack of time. To prevent your kid from facing this dilemma, pay heed to time management. While practicing, distribute time between questions according to their marks. According to the latest PSLE paper pattern, a student should take up to 8 minutes for every 5 mark questions.

Solve Past Year Papers

Solving the previous years’ PSLE maths exam papers can tremendously help the students to understand the paper pattern and what type of questions to expect. They can also understand the marks distribution for all the Maths topics. Few questions often reappear in every alternating year’s papers. Practicing these papers will not only boost the confidence and speed but also score better.

Daily Revision

Most students revise, or even touch the books, at the last moment. One of the practical ways to easily remember numerous mathematical formulas is to revise daily. Fun fact: An average human forgets 50% of new data within 1 hour. But if he/she revises within the first 24 hours, he/she can remember the information for up to 2 weeks! Regular practice also helps in improving accuracy as well as solving speed over time, which in turn helps to crack the psle math questions easily.

Clare Louise