Top Finance and Banking Courses That Make a Difference

The banking and finance sector is a highly promising field with numerous dynamic growth opportunities. With the swift development and evolution of the banking sector’s services and products and rising need for financial inclusion in India, professionals with specialized knowledge and skills are high in demand. Furthermore, this sector has a vast and varied scope with various subfields. From taxation to managerial and consulting jobs in the Government sector, finance consultants, company secretary to Entrepreneurship, this sector offers opportunities to all. Moreover, it is one of the safest and most stable sectors in terms of employment. This is why more and more students are getting attracted to this lucrative, safe, and rewarding career option. Specific banking courses or finance certifications can help you to gain a competitive edge.

Having additional qualifications and credentials help increase your market value and job opportunities. Finance and banking courses with placement are high in demand. Depending upon your interests and the current industry requirements, you can choose the courses that will help open newer avenues and drive you towards growth in your career path. In addition to this, those who aspire for a little change in profession or job-environment can go for different banking and finance courses to upscale their career prospects.

Let’s look at some of the top courses that are a gateway to the banking and finance sector career. This is an indicative list of banking courses and finance courses that will help explore new opportunities-

  1. Sales and Relationship Banking- A course covering basic aspects of banking and finance makes graduates get a holistic understanding of the banking and finance industry. It also focuses on developing a strong sales mindset, digital and sales skills, and techniques essential for selling banking and financial products and relationship building with customers.
  1. Applied Finance and Accounts with GST – As several businesses today look for professionals who understand accounting and finance concepts thoroughly to manage and control business. Course integrating finance and accounts with GST is a good option to take your career to the next level. Such a course that helps get acquainted with Excel and Tally tools and systematic knowledge of the evolving business analytics can help upscale your career.
  1. GST Using Tally.ERP9- GST being a crucial tax in the business world nowadays; top finance courses focusing on GST can be a great option to choose. Professionals having a thorough knowledge of GST are high in demand. Therefore choosing such a course can help you get a competitive edge. Accounting with Tally.ERP9-Accounting with Tally. ERP9 courses aim to make students learn to manage records and information of the accounts for a business. With a comprehensive acquaintance of the popular Tally Business Accounting Software, students can learn and use different Office productivity tools for financial analysis and report-making.
  2. Investment banking and capital markets is another certification course that makes students gain knowledge about credit analysis, project finance, IPO analysis, EQUITY research, etc.

Above mentioned are some of the few top-rated courses. Numerous well-known institutions offer short-term, post-graduation, certification, and advanced training courses in the banking and finance sectors. You can look for the best courses depending on your profile, likings, and skillsets to get insights crucial for your career success.

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