5 ways to make online classes more fun and interactive

One of the most challenging aspects of online learning is to make your students interact and engage in the classes. We know this is the most difficult job and you might have tried all sorts of tips, tricks and ways to find something really grasping that can keep your students absorbed in the lectures for long. But do you know that there are some really easy ways through which you can make online classes more fun and interactive for your students? Read about them below to try at the earliest. 

  • Use an upgraded teachers app – You will definitely  require a teachers app to impart knowledge to your students. Obviously, you might be using some sort of sources for the same. But is it upgraded? Is it having all the features that your students require to make their studies easier and fun? If not, then there are some really good teachers app which are upgraded every now and then to ensure that the students are never left behind in the online teaching process. These applications have the automatic updates about the Google answers in the application itself, they also provide convenient methods for the teachers to record the attendance and other details of the student and even have enhanced features where you can provide some fun interactive sources like quizzes and puzzles for your students to keep them engaged.


  • Ask questions and give responsibility – One sided learning process is always so boring. If you are only giving lectures to the students and they are forced to hear them, this might make them lose their interest in the lectures. If you want to make your classes interesting, ask a lot of questions to your students. Keep them interacted in the class. Don’t let them doze off amongst the various topics that you teach. Discuss the solutions and give them responsibility to find some of the answers and sources which can again encourage them to actively participate in the class.



  • Provide the students with easy learning material – Many times  students lose interest in studying or in online lectures because there are very tough and they cannot understand them. But if you are providing the lectures or giving them solutions to the problems in a simple and easy way, it ultimately helps them to learn better and grasp the subject easily. They also find the classes more interested in such cases.



  • Add a fun element to your lectures – Naturally, when you want to ensure that the online classes you are providing to our students is fun and interesting, you have to make them that way. For this, we suggest you to crack some jokes in between the lectures to lighten your student’s mood in between. You can also give them some cool tasks to challenge and compete with each other hence making the online classes worth waiting for. 



  • Give them extra marks for active participation – If your students are active in their class this means said they are already having fun in between the lectures. So, for this you can give them extra marks, bonuses and rewards that ultimately encourages them to participate more and thus make the lecture interesting for all.



David Curry