Are you sure you know everything about choosing the best law college?

Among the law school aspirants, one of the most debatable issues revolves around choosing the best law school. Every individual, who is thinking of pursuing law, will try to get himself admitted in the best law college for ensuring a bright future. However, among the thousands of law colleges that India is home to, are you sure you know which is the best law college in Kolkata or in India?

Selecting the right law school needs lot of introspection and research. There are several factors that have to be considered before choosing a law school. Here are some of them.

  • Curriculum

The quality and range of academic program is one of the most necessary factors that have to be considered while choosing a law school. The Course Curriculum Structure should be checked to see whether or not they are at par with the present education standard. It also has to be ensured that the law curriculum of the college complies with the rules and regulations of legal education set by the BCI or the Bar Council of India

  • Specialization 

In the traditional sense, an individual who pursues law needs to focus on two things – entering the law school and remaining competitive and competent in regular classes. These students, only after searching for jobs and graduating, choose a specialization within the legal field. Therefore, law students have to consider the specialization options to stay prepared with their future careers. The law school that you choose should offer different specialization courses. 

  • Library

A properly-stocked library should ideally comprise of the latest edition reference books, law reports, law journals and more such things. In fact, these are the main and the most important requirements of a law school. There should also be online database in the library. The library should also not allow access to technology as technological gadgets are supposed to be used in the law school campus.

  • Clinical Programme

One of the most vital aspects of current day legal education is clinical legal education. So, before you check out the best law college for yourself, ensure that the law school offers you Pro bono societies like moot court society, legal aid cell, mock parliament along with a dedicated research centre in specific areas of the law.

  • Placement opportunities

One of the best things about a good law college is the entire effort that the institution makes to assist its graduates and students understand the career options and find out proper employment. If recruitment didn’t still happen, a law aspirant should take into account the chances of recruitment. For instance, if you take into account law institutes like Sister Nivedita University, they already have a crew of recruiters hiring managers and engineers from the campus and this will most likely have good recruitment for the law students. 

  • Location

One more vital thing to keep in mind while choosing a law college is the location of the college. Where is the college located geographically? If you’re someone who is choosing from the top 10 law schools, you often tend to give more importance to national brand recognition rather than the location. But you shouldn’t forget that location is highly essential. One has to decide where he wants to live, where he wants to practice law after passing out from the law school. Try to attend law school from the same location where you’re based. This will let you be closer to home. 

Therefore, now that you’re sure about the ways in which you should choose a law school, what are you waiting for? Take into account each and every point before looking forward to choosing a law school. 



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