Why must one choose Canada for higher education?

International students also plan to study Canada for further studies. Here they can find comfortable stay at York University housing in Toronto and other cities.

Are you planning to study in Canada?

Here are the major reasons why Canada is a great place for studying abroad.

Education facility

Canada provides world-class education which has a global recognition. A Degree from a Canadian university has similar value as that of the US or European Countries.  

There are specific benefits to the students who are keen to study here. Universities have high academic standards.  The International students come out with flying colors and the education fee is not so expensive in comparison to other countries. 

There are scholarship opportunities too. The number of universities is not much compared to the US. However, the education standard is quite high. 

Life at Campus

Along with the studies, students can enjoy events taking place at the university. Hence, students can not only build their career but also make friends with the multicultural people in the university. It helps in relieving stress and leads to overall development of the students. There are various extracurricular activities taking place at campus which can help students in showcasing their talent. At campus one can enjoy free Wi-Fi, read magazines and get different media exposure. Thus, students can experience an amazing life at Campus.

Job Opportunities:

Students can do part-time jobs along with their studies. This is possible both on campus and off-campus. There is no work permit required for working on campu. Also, students are allowed to work up to 20 hours/week. One can do various jobs which include lab assistant, working at hotels, tutor, babysitting, librarian  and more. Once the student graduates, he or she can apply for the job in their own field. There are various options available depending upon the technical domain of a student. Those with good skills and knowledge get a chance to work in the top companies. 

Importance for research work:

There are various universities in Canada to support the students having the best research ideas.The deserving one gets the scholarship too for completing the research work. There are so many areas in which a student can do the research along with the lecture. Depending upon the research quality, governments also come in support.  

Places to visit and good environment:

Students can travel and enjoy the scenic beauty while pursuing higher education in Canada. They can explore the flora and fauna as well as visit the amusement parks. Those staying near coastal lines can enjoy the mesmerizing Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Also, the environment of Canada is neat and clean. One can experience this while staying at York University housing in Toronto.

Great cultural values:

Thousands of immigrants apply at universities in Canada. Thus, for international students Canada is their second home. This is because old immigrants and people turn supportive to the new immigrants. Also, the customs and traditions of students are preserved and they are given respect wholeheartedly, be it off campus or on campus. 

Multilingual Country

Due to so many people coming from other countries, Canada is now stated as a multilingual country. This is because here you can find people with different cultures, speaking different languages and following different religions. Thus, it gives more exposure to students wherein they can learn new languages. 

Safe for students:

The Government and Universities take care of the students safety whether it is  inside or outside the university. There are various measures taken for the health care of the student. Also,the government provides protection with respect to human rights.

Apart from above the Citizenship and Immigration Dept. of Canada has made it easy to obtain student visas. They can apply for higher education while staying in Canada. 

David Curry