Facts About the Orange Curriculum

You’re not alone if you’re curious about the Think Orange curriculum. The program is used in over 30 denominations and is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Its mission is to build authentic relationships with the Heavenly Father and develop discipleship networks. Moreover, the program equips parents to continue these conversations at home.

It’s in churches across 30 denominations

Orange’s Sunday school curriculum has been in use in thousands of churches for ten years and is now being used by churches of more than 30 denominations. Its most significant partner is the Salvation Army, which plans to join Orange’s network of 1,200 corps across the United States next year. The Army has a tradition of teaching children and youth the Bible, and Sunday school is one of its most essential discipleship programs.

The Orange ministry is popular in family and kid settings. It’s well-made, well-organized, and attractive, and its content is fresh and up-to-date. It’s also always looking for ways to keep its curriculum relevant, which is why it uses cutting-edge music and resources. Ultimately, Orange’s mission is to teach families and churches how to understand better and work together.

The Orange curriculum focuses on biblical truth, wonder, and passion. It helps young people see God for who He is and grow closer to Him. It also encourages young people to see themselves the same way God sees them. It’s an intentional effort to influence the next generation and their spiritual growth.

It’s a 501(c)3 nonprofit

An organization called the Orange curriculum, which is nonprofit and tax-exempt, provides materials to families to take advantage of their child’s growth. The educational resources are designed for each age group and incorporate timeless truths with developmentally appropriate experiences. Product sales and donations from the public fund the nonprofit.

The organization focuses on STEM education by developing a standardized curriculum on human body systems. They have partnerships with CHOC Primary Care clinics, which hold appointments for families with children in need. The nonprofit also works with a social work team from the Illumination Foundation, which matches children with resources. The programs empower children to become advocates for themselves and others.

Orange Curriculum is a 501(c) nonprofit organization that serves 500 students annually through two campuses: OCASA Elementary in Laguna Niguel and OCASA College Prep in San Juan Capistrano. Founded by five women who felt God’s call to help children in need, the organization teaches students to become curious about the world and apply their minds to solving problems.

Through STEAM education, students learn more about STEM subjects, develop creative thinking skills, and build soft critical skills.

It’s “virtual”

Orange County Soccer Club is launching a virtual curriculum with the Power of One Foundation to fight hunger and poverty. The partnership also involves Magnolia Science Academy Santa Ana, a distance learning K-12 school. This week, OCSC will host virtual soccer clinics for students from the school. The foundation plans to expand the virtual curriculum to other schools in Orange County.

This virtual curriculum includes a hands-on, interactive program that inspires and fills students with God’s Word. It is flexible and adaptable to any group size or budget. It is simple to use and is ideal for children of all ages and abilities. You can even add your materials to create a customized program for your church’s unique needs.


Tiara Johnson