Marbella Academy and Your Choices For the Best Bartender Jobs

Many jobs exist today to allow each man to be able to make out in society. Among these jobs, there is the profession of bartender or barmaid for women. The professional or the bartender plays an important role in establishments where there is a bar area. But, what is his role really, what is his monthly salary or how to find it? As you make use of the AcademyMarbella then you will be ready for being a bartender. Here are points around which the writing of this article is based. Take a look and learn more about this profession.

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First of all, it should be noted that it is the female bartenders who are called barmaids. The bartender / barmaid is always present in a restaurant or a nightclub in Marbella. Also, you will see it in the clubs, casinos and at the bars of important hotels. But, it is not there for the pleasure of being. He is a specialist in liquid gastronomy. He is an agent in whose hands the management of the bar of an establishment is left. In addition, the bartender will greet the customer, take orders and serve drinks. It will therefore collect the additions. He must be dressed in accordance with the type of clientele and its establishment.


A bartender / barmaid also undergo training which enables him to exercise his profession properly. However, you can exercise the profession without training. However, the one who has been trained will always be privileged. Those who have reached the level of the 3rd class can do the CAP Restaurant or the CAP Service in a breweryin Marbella and go out two years later with the diploma. These two degrees are more sought after in this market. However, those who have a CAP in hotel and catering must complete a year of training. They must complete one year of training in Complementary Mention (MC) as a bartender. You can also access the function by doing a BAC pro marketing and catering services, a BP bartender. It is also possible to access it by doing a techno BAC in Hotel and Restaurant Services and Technologies (STHR).

  • To better progress in the field, a professional bartender’s certificate will be a good leverin Marbella. After his training, the bartender / barmaid can start practicing in small establishments in order to have control. So, little by little, it can integrate large luxury establishments. In addition, he can converge on another profession like that of the sommelier. His current job can allow him to also become a large commercial. The bartender also works in discos, tourist complexes, etc. If the bartender has not been trained, he may as well find something to do if he has a good reputation in the fieldin Marbella. Indeed, it is the know-how that will weigh in the balance in the end. Finally, if the bartender has a good experience, he can, with a few connections, open his own establishment.

The precise tasks of the bartender / barmaid

The role of the bartender goes beyond serving drinks. He is a true conductor who ensures the proper functioning of the bar. Before the bar is opened, he will take care of the cleanliness of the bar and present it on its best day. That said, he is responsible for keeping the bar clean. Bottles and the like must be stored properly. He is the one who cleans equipment, glasses, etc. 


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